beer + cocktails


handcrafted specialty cocktails
using fresh seasonal ingredients

memphis cup 12
hendrick’s gin, muddled persian cucumber, fresh squeezed lime juice/house made simple syrup

spiced peach mojito 12
spiced rum, peach schnapps, fresh lime juice muddled with mint, house made cinnamon simple syrup, and a splash of sprite

gentleman-hattan 12
gentleman jack whiskey, sweet vermouth, fresh cherry juice/dash of angostura bitters

pomegranate tea 11
clementine vodka, pama pomegranate liqueur, club soda, tea, splash of cranberry

jalapeño-mint margarita 12
tanteo jalapeño tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, fresh mint, house made simple syrup

frothy bourbon sour 12
maker’s mark, fresh lemon juice, house made simple syrup, angostura float

patio swing 11
stoli apple vodka, tilia chardonnay, fresh lime juice, splash of apple pucker, splash of apple juice

peach pleaser 10
buffalo trace bourbon, fresh lemon juice, peach schnapps, simple syrup, club soda


cinnamon apple pie 12
stoli apple vodka/frangelico/cranberry, cinnamon and vanilla simple syrup

memphis passion martini 11
svedka clementine, alize gold, cranberry juice, fresh lime

cosmopolitan 11
svedka clementine, triple sec, cranberry juice, served with lime

wedding cake martini 11
stoli vanilla, pineapple juice, fresh lime

orange jimi 12
hendrick’s gin, dry vermouth, cointreau, splash of apple juice, dash of angostura bitters

long kiss goodnight martini 11
stoli vanilla, dark godiva, godiva white chocolate, half and half, hershey’s kiss

seer sucker 12
honey suckle vodka, triple sec/blue curacao, flamed orange peel


domestic beers 4
dos equis lager 5  
blue moon 5
lazy magnolia pecan ale 5
yazoo pale ale 5  
sam adams boston lager 5
ghost river golden ale 5
amstel light 5
heineken 5
newcastle 5
stella 5