sunday 10:30am-2:30pm

eggs & stuff

eighty3 morning 13
two eggs any style, toast, choice of pork sausage patty, bacon or chicken sausage, choice of eighty3 potatoes or grits

Zebo’s scratch biscuits & gravy 10
two eggs any style, scratch biscuits, Tennessee whole hog sausage gravy

three buttermilk pancakes 10
powdered sugar, maple syrup, butter

crab & asparagus scramble 15
baby green salad, shallot-balsamic vinaigrette

farmer’s omelet 12
Bonnie Blue Farm goat cheese, spinach, roasted mushrooms, choice of eighty3 potatoes or grits

classic eggs Benedict 12
English muffin, Canadian bacon, hollandaise, choice of eighty3 potatoes or grits

smoked salmon platter 13
bagel, cream cheese, diced onion, capers, baby green salad, shallot-balsamic vinaigrette

steel-cut Irish oatmeal 7
brown sugar, dried fruit, nut mix

vanilla-honey yogurt & house-made granola 8
mixed berries

daily smoothie 7
ask your server for the day’s creation

southern specialties

Elvis waffles 11
peanut butter sauce, bananas, bacon, syrup

fried 10oz pork chop 19
two eggs any style, sausage gravy, hot honey, eighty3 potatoes

pulled pork hash 13
two poached eggs, peppers, onions, hollandaise, eighty3 potatoes

loaded grits 12
two eggs any style, bacon, cheddar, scallions

ham & cheese omelet 13
tasso ham, brie, diced peppers, choice of eighty3 potatoes or grits

chicken & mac-n-cheese waffle 17
fried chicken strips, four-cheese macaroni waffle, delta cane syrup-spiced pecan gravy, scallions

shrimp & grits 19
jumbo shrimp, Grit Girl grits, herbed smoked tomatoes, peppers, onions, andouille-tasso cream

fried green tomato & lump crab stack 14
bloody-mary vinaigrette, pickled green beans

soups, salads, sandwiches

soup of the day cup 6 / bowl 8

lelvin’s gumbo cup 7 / bowl 9
crawfish, shrimp, scallop, andouille, okra, creole spices, rice, scallions

eighty3 signature skillet cornbread 9
honey-jalapeño butter (feeds 2)

Caesar 11
romaine, parmesan, croutons, white anchovies

cobb salad 13
BBQ chicken, tasso ham, avocado, tomato, brie, chopped egg, onion, creole honey mustard dressing

wedge salad 10
bacon, tomato, blue cheese, ranch

ultimate wagyu burger 15
bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, BBQ sauce, choice of French or sweet potato fries


two eggs any style 3
bacon 4
pork sausage patty 4
chicken sausage 4
eighty3 potatoes 3
grit girl grits 4
toast & jam 4
bagel & cream cheese 5
scratch biscuit 3
fruit plate 7
mixed berry cup 5


coffee, refillable 3.50
French press coffee 10
espresso, macchiato 3.75
cappuccino, latte 4.50
add flavor shot
(vanilla, caramel) 1
hot tea 4
fresh squeezed juice 6
juice 3
(whole, 2%, skim) 4
almond milk 4