"The Food Buddha is Coming to Grill 83" - Memphis Stew Blog

By Pamela Denney, Memphis Stew, a Memphis Magazine Blog
Oct. 28, 2011

The Food Buddha Is Coming to Grill 83

Grill 83 is closing temporarily for a new look and menu.

Chef Rodelio Aglibot, popularly known as “The Food Buddha” from the TLC television show, is heading to Memphis to help direct the redesign of Grill 83.

Aglibot and Los Angeles chef Frank Fronda will be in and out of Memphis to help rebrand the restaurant’s menu and physical space, according to Kerri Guyton, the restaurant’s public relations representative. The restaurant already has a new name - Eighty3 – and its current staff will stay in place, Guyton said.

The restaurant will continue to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, showcasing some items from the new menu. The complete menu will not be rolled out until Eighty3 reopens Nov. 16.

The restaurant isn’t releasing details about the new menu, except to say it will include “global plates cultivated locally,” along with appetizers, salads and artisan breads. “We are excited about evolving as a restaurant brand,” Mohamad Hakimian, managing partner of the Madison, said in the press release. “We wanted to bring a playfulness back to the dining experience.”

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