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Posted by Susan Ellis, Hungry Memphis, a Memphis Flyer blog
Nov. 16, 2011

In the Flyer that hit the stands today ... Hannah Sayle's story on Grill 83 becoming eighty3.

Last night, Hannah, Pam, and I went to a preview to check out the new space and new menu.


Grill 83's austere contemporary sheen has been replaced by a comfier, jazzy decor. That's a close-up one of the restaurant's paintings above. Isn't it fun?

And like that painting the dishes on the menu were designed to be fun as well as shared, said Rodelio Aglibot, aka the Food Buddha, who was brought in to oversee the changeover.

We saw that fun in the deep-fried oreo and the candied bacon.


Other items sampled were the sweet/spicy cornbread, a new signature dish (and one I definitely sign off on), a white bean puree with poached shrimp, salmon tartare, spiced pecans, and lump crab and shrimp ceviche.


We may have sampled a cocktail or two, including this margarita with jalapeno and mint.


One of the more popular bites of the evening was the grilled cheese panini with gruyere, braised leeks, and mushrooms. This sandwich is offered on eighty3's lunch menu. I can't wait to go back and try one full-sized.

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